Do an internet search of schools by Division (I, II, III), Junior Colleges, NCAA and NAIA schools. Don’t limit yourself to only Division I schools, remember most schools have limited roster spots available and in any given year only a few spots may be open for scholarship and then to narrow it down even more, few or none may be needed for your position. Only DI and DII schools are able to offer athletic scholarships and DII often combine their offers with academic scholarship money. Don’t discount DIII schools, many have high level basketball programs and will offer generous academic scholarship for potential student athletes. 

Fill out “Prospective Student Athlete Questionnaires” listed on the University website, every school has a link in their athletics page. Don’t wait to be contacted by a school from your high school games or AAU tournaments! Granted, many schools will watch you during your showcase tournaments, but don’t rely solely on being seen at a tournament…get your name and game film out to the schools YOU choose to see you play!

No doubt you will be contacted by schools that see you play at a high school games or AAU showcase tournaments. When contacted by letter, email or via text or phone call, you have an easy way to follow up on the contact by sending them your website link. Everything is contained in one place and with information you wish to share.

The website can be attached to social media websites and will often come up on a goggle search along with newspaper articles and information about you.

Coaches will search you through twitter, Facebook, etc., so make sure that you are shown in a positive light.

Scholarships have been lost by negative and inappropriate tweets and posts. Take control of your good name!
(Side note, after filling out a Prospective Student Athlete Questionnaire” the coach started following the athlete on Twitter even before contacting her about basketball opportunities, character is more important that skill to many schools).